Joyce Chen




Here's a story of how I got my design journey started. To start off, I have been working towards a medical-driven career as a freshman in high school. It wasn't until my second semester of college as a nursing major, that I decided to stop and reflect on my career direction. As a bold move, I decided to venture off into marketing. That summer after my freshmen year, I dove right into an international marketing position in Taipei, Taiwan. That internship was the turning point for me to let go of all fears and go straight to art school.

My first design course that I took during my spring semester of my sophomore year marked the beginning of my design journey. I was completely fascinated with everything that was being introduced to me, from posters to book covers. But most of all, I fell in love with branding. This combined everything that I was truly passionate about. I got to combine my logical research side with my creative side. 

My journey only got started there. During my fall semester of my junior year, I got the amazing opportunity to study abroad to Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong that I truly got to explore design in different mediums. From jewelry design to furniture design, I got to dive in and truly understand design theories. 

All of this brings me here. I'm currently in Louisville, Ky, working towards my BFA in graphic design. I am very passionate about design, specifically in branding and advertising. When I'm not designing or working, I am seeking for some adventures. I will be graduating in May 2020, and until then, I will be working everyday towards the graphic designer that I aspire to be one day.