Joyce Chen

Fresh Campaign

Fresh campaign

Personal Work | 2019
packaging illustration

These are packaging illustrations for Fresh, a luxury skincare brand. Established in 1991, Fresh provides customers with upscale, natural beauty products from all over the world. This hypothetical limited edition packaging is part of their Fly Free campaign. This campaign is aimed to bring awareness to Fresh’s new program donating a portion of money to the World Wildlife Fund organization.

I designed packaging illustrations that consists of four distinct birds in the campaign. Each of the illustrations are paired with a bright, fun color with a beautiful and delicate floral pattern.


Originally, this project started as a quick exercise that I did over the summer. I illustrated these birds as a way to explore more in illustration, as well as learn some more technical skills in animation. After the summer, I revisited this project and decided to use these illustrations in an advertising campaign. Through this process of creating a different context, I was able to expand the visual system and create appropriate elements to the project.