Joyce Chen

Fresh Campaign Process

I knew I wanted to also push my illustration skills.

My Fresh packaging illustrations started as a fun creative exercise that I started doing to kick off my summer break. I was working 60 hours a week during the summer and I wanted a creative outlet. I knew I wanted to also push my illustrations skills so I naturally started illustrating birds.

After I illustrated several birds, I decided to add a bit of context to these birds. I illustrated a fun carousel where the birds would likely be seen together. Another one of my goals for that summer was to push myself in animation. This animation was a turning point because I started experimenting with several elements of motion in one piece. I added motion to both the movement of the carousel, as well as the twinkling lights.


I started getting super excited about illustrating birds after taking a Japanese Art History class. I was very inspired by the beautiful birds that were found throughout their art. I started with my illustration of the crane. Shortly after, I had a collection of bird illustrations, which I turned into a fun motion graphic.


Packaging Design

My packaging illustrations came into the picture when I decided to revisit my quick exercise that I did over the summer. I added a delicate pattern to my bird illustrations and designed some cosmetic packaging. Since it was a personal project, I had a lot of fun creating the brief and creating some context of where my packaging could appear.

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