Joyce Chen



Gotham Zine

Student Work | 2017
print design, 3D printing, photography

This typographic zine was created to celebrate the beautiful letterforms in the typeface, Gotham. From the photography to the 3-D printed cookie cutters, the zine takes readers along through a fun, recipe-like booklet. The choice of vibrant colors and food photography reveals the playful sides of Gotham.

The zine places emphasis on the versatility of this geometric sans serif typeface. This project used the metaphor of baking to help describe the versatility of this typeface. As a way to experiment with different mediums, 3D printed cookie cutters were created to function as a prop, as well as create the images throughout the zine.

Every designer has a different recipe to achieve different feelings, flavors, and effects.

One of the biggest challenges throughout the design process was learning to create the 3D cookie cutters. While I was designing the zine, I knew I wanted to extend beyond the printed zine. I wanted to create an experience when readers were interacting with my zine. In addition to the cookie cutters that I created, I created an interactive front cover which includes 3 different recipes on the back of the inserts. The covers have a fun pattern on the front, which are inspired by the cookies that are demonstrated in the zine.