Joyce Chen

Gotham Zine

Gotham Zine

Every designer has a different recipe to achieve different feelings, flavors, and effects

This charming typographic zine was created to celebrate the beautiful letterforms in the typeface, Gotham. The typographic zine places emphasis on the versatility of this geometric sans serif font. The zine is a playful platform to demonstrate all the charming attributes of this particular typeface. Additionally, the zine uses the metaphor of cooking to fully explain the idea behind why the typeface is particularly delightful. 

In addition to the content, the cover reveals three secret recipes that the readers can use. The cover has three different inserts, allowing the readers to customize the cover of their typographic zine. The zine is complemented with bright, vibrant colors to suggest playful nature of the publication. 

The zine is also paired with 3-D printed Gotham cookie cutters. These cookie cutters are featured throughout the zine and were used to produce the cookies that were shown in the booklet. This zine displayed experimentation in both layouts and content.