Joyce Chen

Hong Kong Process

“Here’s a sentence about my process.”

This interactive ebook was inspired by my study abroad trip to Hong Kong. I wanted to create a book that didn’t merely record my experiences during my trip, but rather share them. I designed a book that was written in second person accompanied by fun motion graphics on each page.

The most challenging part of the project was learning about the different ways to design an ebook. I loved learning about the different options available and putting them into action.

The highlight of this project was creating content that allowed me to relive my experiences. As I started my book, I loved going through all the images that I took during my trip and basing my illustrations off of my photos. I decided to illustrate this book because I wanted to create a very fun and lighthearted experience – like my own experience – but also add a fun element to this book.




When I started creating the imagery for the book, I knew I wanted to only illustrate specific locations rather than including characters. After all, I wanted the book to be more of a journey for the reader. I also knew that I wanted to create quirky illustrations to match the tonality of the written content.

While I wanted the illustrations to appear very simple, I also wanted to add some textures to the images. My solution to add the perfect amount of detail and textures to the image was to paint on the extra details on each of the vector pieces. I also topped it all off by adding a noise to make it just the perfect amount of detail and texture on the images.




Animation time! My favorite part of the book process. I loved adding fun little motion graphics to each of the pages. I knew I didn’t want to overcomplicate the book with an intricate animation. Instead, I went with a small motion graphic which would add an extra element of surprise to the book, while not overpowering the written content.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.41.25 PM.png

After all the image-making, I finally got to put it all together as a book. I experimented with several layout versions. Initially, I had planned to have both the image and the content on one page. But after trying several iterations, I decided to spread the content onto two pages. This allowed room for my motion graphic to be displayed as well as my written content.

One of the biggest lessons I learned during this part of the process was the importance of naming files. While I was designing the book, I kept running into several glitches where my motion graphics didn’t work properly. As frustrating as it was, it taught me an important lesson. During this process, I learned to problem solve through these technical problems.

book layout

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