Joyce Chen

JCrew Process

This J.Crew campaign was a passion project that I created during my leisure time.

This J.Crew campaign was a passion project that I created during my leisure time. To give some background, I have been working at J.Crew as a sales associate for four years. I was inspired to design something for their store after having a couple of conversations with the regular customers about the direction of the store.

Since the popularity of e-commerce many brick and mortar stores have seen a decline in sales traffic. This hypothetical summer campaign was aimed to promote the quality of their products, as well as encouraging customers to visit the brick and mortar stores.


This was the most difficult part of the campaign. Words. Words have always been very hard. I wanted to find the perfect words to stand next to the imagery that I had in mind for the campaign. After ideating, I decided that I wanted my call-to-actions to focus on advertising the customer service and the perks of having a personal stylist in the physical stores.

Below is an image of the word map that I created to help me ideate headlines for the advertisements.




One of the main goals that I had while creating the illustrations was creating strong compositions in each of the posters. I wanted each of the illustrations to be summer-themed, but not necessarily adventurous. In two of the posters, I wanted to focus on the idea of being different, which I used repetition to strengthen that idea in the illustrations.



The texturing was very important to the outcome of each of the posters. They added elements of dimension to the overall images. I added shadows to each of the objects, which added more life to the images. I also added textures to the environmental elements to create more visual interest.


The design process for the posters were quite difficult. After spending so much time carefully creating the images, it was very difficult to crop any of the images. But after a couple of iterations, I started to learn to experiment with the layouts and how I presented the typography. I experimented with several ways of displaying the typography and the images.

poster layout

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