Joyce Chen


Bodoni Poster


The objective of this project was to create a poster that not only captured the expression of a selected typeface, but also gave denotative information regarding the particular typeface. The front side of the poster reveals the typeface in an experimental approach, while the backside is presented in a more traditional method. This poster was specifically focusing on Bauer Bodoni.

The front side of the poster went through several iterations before reaching the final outcome. A beautiful textile was crafted using a combination of unique parts from the typeface. The textile celebrates the unique aspects of the typeface, while still embodying the essence of the letterforms. The color choices and careful handle of space elevates the poster and creates a sense of sophistication. The textile is paired nicely with the frame, which is placed asymmetrically.

On the backside of the poster, the beautiful ampersand of the typeface is enlarged and used as a visual cue to break up the information. The boldness of the character provides visual interest, and adds a dynamic composition to the poster. The thoughtful usage of negative space showcases the modern aspect of the typeface. 

Below are some of the earlier iterations of the poster: 


Joyce Chen