Joyce Chen


Gotham Zine


This typographic zine celebrates Gotham, a geometric sans-serif, in lush and delightful ways. From the photography to the 3-D printed cookie cutters, the zine takes readers along through a fun, recipe-like booklet. The choice of vibrant colors and food photography reveals the playful sides of Gotham. 

One of the requirements to the typographic zine was to show each letterform. Instead of displaying a typical alphabetical layout of each letter in the typeface, the designer decided to reveal the letterforms in a pangram, or a sentence that contains every letter in the alphabet. This is revealed on the first spread of the zine. The zine experiments with different ways of displaying the font. The zine places significant emphasis on the versatility of the typeface, which is demonstrated through the photography and playful layouts. 


Explore the development of the zine:

Joyce Chen