Joyce Chen


Web Design Reflection


Web design has been a huge cornerstone in my graphic design journey. To be completely honest, when I first started the course, I was quite skeptical. With already bad memories of my past coding days, I wasn’t quite optimistic about the course, and especially so when I saw that we had to take a couple of codeacademy courses. However, when I started doing the projects throughout the class, I became to not only warm up to the idea of web design, but truly enjoyed the projects that we did over this semester. I loved the creative process behind designing a beautiful, yet functional design for users. This course has pushed me to think outside the scope of the projects. The projects over this past semester has allowed me to experiment in different mediums and pushing me to understanding who I am as designer.

One of my favorite projects that we did this past semester was the Blue Law Campaign. This project allowed room for experimentation. I was able to push the project’s boundaries and explore different mediums. I had a lot of fun creating the short animations in my designs and incorporating it into my overall campaign. The project left me not only feeling accomplished with the work that I created, but inspired to create more works that push the boundaries.

This course has been such a positive experience. Through this course, I have become more open to approaching ideas in different ways and allowing myself to become more experimental. I have also been able to erase some of the bad connotations I had prior to this class towards coding.  With that being said, I cannot wait to see where the future will take me!

Joyce Chen