Joyce Chen


Project Five


For this assignment, we were asked to select a particular blue law and create a full Ad Council campaign to advocate the law. A blue law is a law that prohibits commercial activities on Sunday. There are several laws throughout the United States that have ridiculous and even outright outrageous laws. One particular law that I was drawn to during my research phase was an Ohio law that stated it was illegal to get a fish drunk. After selecting this as the blue law that I wanted to advocate, I began sketching different ideas. I knew during this project I wanted to make a personal goal to explore different illustration styles and also find a way to appropriately integrate some light animation that would complement my site. I went through several different illustration styles before I finally found the perfect style. I chose very angular and minimalistic style for my illustration and complemented it with bright, saturated colors. Again, for this project, I wanted to use bright colors to bring a lot of personality into my project.

After developing the ads that I wanted to showcase in the responsive site, I began brainstorming several ideas of what I wanted my overall website to do. I decided that I wanted to approach this law in a very ironic and humorous way. I developed both the home page and about page to be ultimately precursors to the additional resource page that would act as my ultimate call-to-action.

The animation that the homepage opens with is a way to invite users into the web design. This animation is both eye-catching and leads the users to explore further into the website. During this project, I also wanted to create a twist on the standard alcohol education websites. I decided to find a fun way to animate an overly exaggerated statistic to create more interest among the users.

This project served as a great platform for me to step outside of my comfort zone. The assignment provided me a way to explore different illustration styles and fun ways to engage with users. While I plan on improving this project further, I am overall happy with the results from this assignment. With that being said, I do also have future plans to further develop this into a larger system.

Joyce Chen