Joyce Chen


Project Four


This assignment was a continuation of project three. In this assignment, we were asked to redesign the nonprofit organization that we chose. One of the biggest challenges that I faced in this particular assignment was finding the right colors for the website. I did a lot of research about the nonprofit organization to understand their mission and the direction that they want to go towards in terms of design. I explored their social media platforms to help me understand the tone of the organization. For this project, I decided to go towards saturated colors to reflect the hope for the refugee women in the organization. I chose colors like navy and red and complemented those colors with light pink, blue, and gold. 

For this website, I wanted to create an exciting and empowering website to represent the nonprofit organization.  One important visual element that I worked on in this project was creating silhouettes of the women for the Meet the Women page. This solution created more energy into the webpage, which was very appropriate for the organization.

Another key element that I worked on in this project was finding and creating the perfect images for the website. I preserved and used as many of the photos that I could find on their original website and social media platforms. I wanted to present the website as authentic as possible, while still creating a website that was able to fully embody their nonprofit’s mission statement.

Joyce Chen