Joyce Chen


Project Three


The nonprofit organization that I chose for this project is the Beaded Treasures Project. The purpose of this organization was to provide refugee women different skills in order for them to overcome social and economic barriers. The main goal for the website was to have a platform for the women to sell the necklaces that they have made. As I was making the sitemap, I realized how complicated it was. My goal for the project was create a very easy experience for users on the website. I wanted to minimize the number of clicks that a user would have to experience while on the website. One of the biggest challenges in this project was being mindful of the text size while working on the wireframes. Throughout the process, I paid special attention to the proportions of both the images and text.

In addition, I wanted to highlight the mission statement and the donate button on the website. My solution that I ended up with was placing a donate button on the navigation bar and placing the mission statement on the homepage. Another challenge I had with this project was creating a design that was very user-friendly, yet at the same time didn’t strip away the energy that is on their current website. As a solution, I decided to break away from the traditional headshots on the “Meet the Women” page and cut out the silhouettes and place it on top of the circles. The circles unify the page while the silhouettes create more energy onto the page. Overall, I enjoyed creating the layouts for the web pages. While there are still some tweaks and changes that will be made to the wireframes before the web design takes place, I am happy with the results of my wireframes.  

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Joyce Chen