Joyce Chen


Project Two


In this project, we were asked to design a website that incorporated two truths and one lie. When I first received this project, I immediately started thinking about what my content was going to be. I decided that I wanted to create my website to be more of a blog style website to showcase my two truths and one lie.

One of the biggest things I learned in this process was the importance of folder structures within a photoshop file. Prior to this project, I will admit, I rarely ever used folders, or even name the layers. In this project, I knew that it was a weakness of mine so I paid special attention to this aspect of the project.  I realize now how important it is to take time naming files and folders because it not only helps me become more efficient but it is essential in the production aspect of web design.

For the design aspect of the project, I knew that I’ve been wanting to step outside of my comfort zone and incorporate more graphic elements. Contrary to many other people’s struggle with being more minimal, I wanted to add more elements to create more visual interest. (This has been something that I’ve been slowly working towards as I develop a stronger sense of style in my work!) In this project particularly, I decided to add the extra box outlines in the blog page to add some visual interest. I think it adds a bit of life to a very geometric design. Another area that I know I need to work on which I tried to incorporate was the usage of color. After reflecting on my previous semesters of work, I realize that I often times go towards “safe” colors. In this project, I tried to incorporate more saturated colors into my standard color palette. One great aspect of web design is that I don’t have to worry about printing, which makes selecting color a bit easier. With that in mind, I hope to expand my color palettes in this class. I have been trying to read more about color theory in my free time and I hope that I can slowly incorporate that knowledge into my future work.

Joyce Chen