Joyce Chen

Mosaic Process


The highlight of this project was challenging myself to experiment with 3D illustrations.

Mosaic is a student project that was based off Tara Anderson’s Five Things podcast. When I initially got this assignment, I immediately went to listen to her podcast. Each of her episodes consisted of an interview with someone about five significant physical objects in their life. Each of her interviewees had a strong narrative behind each of their items.

The most challenging aspect of this project was sharing my personal experiences and writing them down. While it was quite difficult, it was very rewarding afterwards.

The highlight of this project was challenging myself to experiment with 3D illustrations. I really wanted to create beautiful and pristine illustrations that were accompanied by the personal written copy.



The process behind the images was super fun! I created a make-shift studio space in my apartment and posed for each of the photos. This project pushed me to expand my technical skills in photoshop and expand my knowledge into the 3D world.

The 3D backgrounds were designed separately. I used a mannequin to replicate the same pose that I did in the photographs to create realistic shadows in the final images.


Book Layout

Below are a system of layouts that were used throughout the book. The system consists of a large horizontal image, cropped rectangular image, and a full bleed image. I wanted to experiment with ample usage of white space and strong typography.

Artboard 2 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 2 copy.jpg
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