Joyce Chen

Shoptiques Process

I wanted my designs to reflect these words and bring more attention to the different boutiques.

When I was first handed this project, my first thought was how I could ever make a word like “Shoptiques” sound and more importantly, look normal. But, somehow I made it work.

After I committed myself to rebranding this particular brand, I dived right into research. I was drawn to their tagline: Be Yourself. Be Different. Because your fashion choices should be just as unique as you are. I wanted my designs to reflect these words and bring more attention to the different boutiques.

With that in mind, I started diving into creating the mark. I visited several boutiques and ordered some items from Shoptiques to do some more research (and of course, an excuse to shop!). The concept behind the logo was to create a feminine mark that was created with a collection of shapes coming together resembling the collection of local boutiques.

Below are a couple of my logo sketches!


Logo Process


I always start with pencil and paper when designing a logo. I was originally drawn to a diamond shape, but I changed art direction to create a more dynamic and fun emblem.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.46.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.50.13 PM.png

Advertising Ideation

The development of my advertising became the main component for most of my rebrand. I wanted my advertising to stand out against all the other fashion advertising. After experimenting with several photography options, I decided to introduce a whimsical, yet minimal illustration style into the brand. The combination of both the product and illustration brings an element of surprise and excitement to the brand.

I reinforced this idea of the illustration and product through the animation reveal. I had a lot of fun developing storyboards and creating smooth animations to go along with the rest of the brand.

Take another look at the project.