Art Direction

The gracefully bold Huawei Pocket 2 foldable phone is a tech sculpture that completely remaps and redefines the boundaries between technology, art and fashion.

This beautiful piece of innovation asks and subsequently answers the questions, Can our technology also be a fashion statement? And, Can an art piece also be an incredibly useful tool? For Huawei and van Herpen the answer to both is a resounding “yes”.

Teaming up with the Tendril team, I was brought on to direct this 30 second film that brought together the technology expertise that Huawei excels in and the artistic luxury and visual wonder from Iris van Herpen. The resulting film combines these symbiotic worlds to communicate the essence of this unique collaboration.

“I focus on manipulating patterns which can create different visual effects, and therefore create a different sensory experience … I hope that people using this phone have a pure connection to art and to science – this feeling of liveliness through the effect and design on the phone. A ‘tech sculpture’ is a beautiful way of describing it" - Iris van Herpen, fashion designer.

The ethereal patterns, and futuristic materials make the resulting film a highly sensorial experience. Elevating the existing product design in this way created a dream world of depth and design that seduces the viewer.


Process Reel




Directed and Produced: Tendril
Client: Huawei
Client Agency: VST
Executive Creative Director: Chris Bahry
Executive Producer: Ramona 
Producer: Brittany Sheahan
Director: Joyce Chen
Art Director: Runbo Chen
Project Coordinator: Julia Blackwell
CGI Supervisors: Flavio Diniz & Marcelo Souza
Design: Rita Louro, Arnis Vitols, Will Sharkey, Aleksandra Liubas, 
Animation: Hernán Lindenbaum, Samuel Bohn
Lighting & Render: Aleksandra Liubas, Nemanja Ivanovic, Leonardo Bortolussi
Comp: Bruno Ferrari, Corey Larson

Music: Cypher Audio

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