Art Direction
Live Action Production
3D Design

In response to AI becoming more mainstream, Microsoft created an AI assistant through bing that allows every day consumers to integrate the technology into their lives.

Microsoft partnered with Future Deluxe to create a captivating hybrid live action and CGI film that highlights this program’s features through example as a character makes use of the software in her own life.

As the art director, I wanted to coalesce the live action and CGI worlds through the colors. Beginning with our protagonist in a familiar living room setting, we bring a sense of surrealism through the minimalistic, yet colorful background. The pairing of the UI with the live action served as portals into our CGI world. The smooth transitions between the two worlds push the narrative forward. The constant dialogue between the UI and the interaction of our girl explores the opportunities to integrate this new AI technology into the day to day.

Additionally, we were tasked with creating a wallpaper for the all new AI-Powered Bing. This wallpaper will be the primary image for the new platform. Our goal was to create an image was both uplifting and iconic, while also working well with existing backgrounds like the Edge wallpaper.

Our wallpaper infuses aspects of AI to bring manmade elements and nature together. This handcrafted integration of technology and natural elements such as a day-to-night cycle and floral details speaks to Microsoft’s vision of a new nature in their optimistic perspective on AI tech.




Directed and Produced: Future Deluxe
Executive Creative Director: Ant Baena
Producer: Tarik Thompson
Creative Director: Kevin Stein
Art Director: Joyce Chen
CGI Supervisor: Sam Cividanis
Design: Eric Bernal, Mau Borba, Javi Tommasi, Liam Henderson, Greg Boychuck
Animation: Steven Dvornik, Rudy Taege, Hernán Lindenbaum, Dan Darling
Edit: Matt Cronin
Color: Casey Bohrnell

Music: Zelig

Live Production: Swanson Studio
DP: Paul Wegman


Directed and Produced: Future Deluxe
Direction: Joyce Chen
Design: Martin Cusano, Ollie Zissou

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